SD-WAN Services



Organizations’ growing business depends on the network bandwidth demands of cloud traffic, mobile applications &multiple high-bandwidth applications such as collaboration, video’s etc. It results in higher data consumption. It can effect their network drastically which can be challenging. As the cloud continues to drive greater need for SD-WAN, Intuitor helps to effectively migrate, adopt, deploy and securely manage intent-based networking to any cloud.

With high demand of network bandwidth, Intuitor comes up with the solution for modern network infrastructure ‘Software-Defined WAN(SD-WAN) which is reliable, simpler, flexible and cost effective. Intuitor offers a full-cycle of end to end services including maintenance and support.

SD-WAN is a modern approach to network connectivity which reduce operational costs, improves business application performance and increase agility. SD-WAN helps network administrators to optimize the available bandwidth and efficiency for SaaS and public cloud applications without compromising on the security.

Benefits of SD-WAN:

  • It increases bandwidth at a lower cost.
  • It ensures a simplified & higher WAN availability.
  • It gives full network visibility.
  • It ensures efficient WAN utilization.
  • It gives assured application performance.
  • It ensures Dynamic Quality-of-Service (QoS)

Customer Challenges for SD-WAN Adoption:

  • Identifying the right technology.
  • Building a Network Road map with SD –WAN.
  • Deployment of SD-WAN at a global scale.
  • Sourcing & Managing of Domestic Circuits.
  • Migration from Existing Network to SD-WAN.

Why Intuitor:

  • Expertise in SD-WAN.
  • Vendor Agnostic Approach.
  • Deep Understanding about Domestic Telecoms Globally.
  • Experience in managing complex networks & Domestic Telcos.
  • Expertise in automating network related tasks.
  • SLA Driven Managed Services.

Intuitor specialize in:

Facilitating the transformation of company’s traditional branch connectivity to SD-WAN solution, Intuitor offers a full range of network architecture, design, implementation, optimization, managed and domestic circuit sourcing services for SD-WAN. Customers can outsource the domestic internet circuit sourcing & service provider management to Intuitor for economical and seamless SD-WAN provision across the globe.

  • Engineering Services:

We help customers for creating a road map for success to speed deployment while minimizing risk and disruption. We accelerate the network transformation with high-level of cost effective strategies by successfully creating a comprehensive design and implementing SD-WAN Solution.

  • Proof-of-concept (POC) services:

We can start with a proof-of-concept for identifying the cost-effective and suitable technology for the SD-WAN Deployment for customers. POC services reduce risks and time to value in deploying SD-WAN through rapid prototyping and validation in a lab environment. POC is focused on validating customer complex and specific solutions so they can accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

  • Design services:

We create a detailed design that includes analysis of customer business requirements, application visibility needs, and current network. We map customer’s business& technical requirements to a proposed high-level network design, a detailed design, low-level configuration templates, logical and physical topology diagrams, and checklists for SD-WAN deployment.

  • Implementation Services:

We identify the network dependencies and the impact of introducing new enhancements into customer’s environment. We support customer’s implementation or perform it on their behalf to help ensure stability and required functionality.

  • Migration Services:

Customers should be able to migrate to SD-WAN without having to rip and replace their existing traditional network. It is imperative that an SD-WAN solution be deployable on a phased manner and co-exist with existing enterprise devices.  Our expert team would be able to come up with a deployment & migration plan which will ensure a minimum downtime & smooth transition to a full-fledged SD-WAN.

  • SD-WAN Network Policy Deployment

We can help customers to implement SD-WAN Policies according to customer business:

  1. Centralized policies for hub & spoke topology which work smartly.
  2. Direct Internet Access (DIA) for internal and external users.
  3. Application SLA(Service Level Agreement) for critical applications.
  4. Application aware routing.

Policy for branch QoS locally if applicable.

  • Managed Services:

With Intuitor’s fully managed services customers don’t have to worry about the day-to-day management of their network. Our pro-active and pre-emptive approach of managing their network will ensure their business is unaffected. We’ll help them maximize efficiency, performance, and the potential of SD-WAN solution.

SD WAN Design: Vendor Agnostic   

In today’s hustling technological ecosystem, it’s significant for companies to adopt a vendor agnostic software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) platform that can seamlessly merge with their application architecture. A vendor-agnostic SD-WAN platform helps businesses from lock-in to any single SD-WAN solution, enabling them to select the software solution that works out best for their needs.

SD-WAN Last mile sourcing

Intuitor’s last mile management services eliminate key challenges to SD-WAN deployment. It ensures reliable, flawless last-mile internet connections for those augmenting MPLS with Intuitor SD-WAN Solutions.

We deploy our team of experts to manage the last mile for our SD-WAN customers in procuring and managing the domestic internet links and fixing the concerns or problems that might hinder services. We relieve companies from the hassle ofbasic network responsibilities and help them in responding to outages.

Set up and management of underlying network infrastructure

Our team of experts ensure a well managed underlying network architecture for SD-WAN. We untangle the mesh of WAN Networks in a cost effective way on a global scale on one simplified overall architecture.

SD-WAN Management: Managing Telcos/service providers

There are locations which need one or more domestic internet links which can be any combination of broadband, wireless (3G, 4G LTE) and fiber. It provides a reliable, secure connection to the enterprise data center and differentiated access to public cloud services. If Companies choose to go for a single service provider across the globe for deploying these internet circuits, it comes out to be an expensive proposition. We can relieve customers from the hassle of sourcing and deploying these domestic internet circuits, and our team of experts can do that for them and manage it in a single dashboard. Entire provisioning and management of the domestic service provider can be taken care by Intuitor. Intuitor’s deep understanding of global & In-country telecom scenarios can help companies to have a huge savings on their SD-WAN Internet circuit costs.

Intuitor can provide a fully managed global SD-WAN solution which is cost effective and also provides flexibility, visibility, optimized performance. SD-WAN solution also meet customer’s overall IT priorities like cloud and SaaS connectivity, advanced security, WAN optimization and IT automation.