Managed Ethernet Access

Bridging the SLA gap

Intuitor offers Managed Ethernet Access Service (MEAS), a solution based on Creanord’s suite of products. With MEAS devices, organisations can extract data which help them measure throughput and SLAs of IT networks and systems. Working with a suite of integrated systems, Intuitor’s solution helps achieve:

  • Ease of provisioning
  • Policy creation
  • Reporting
  • Carrier-grade automation
  • Centralised real-time reporting and
  • Element management

Intuitor’s MEAS devices are SNMP compliant and have the capability of sending SNMP V2 traps to standard SNMP based Network Management Platforms. The Managed Ethernet Access devices are embedded with Creanord’s EchoAgent™and  forms an integral part of the solution.

Our solution proposes the use of Open NMS (a powerful open source NMS solution), which serves to monitor the SLA breaches in the event of the EchoVault Solution not being available.

The MEAS Intuitor Advantage

  • Single solution that accelerates deployment, tracks performance over time
  • Report of KQI (Key Quality Indicators), monitoring and detailed granular level post-incident analysis for remedial action
  • Customizable and flexible front-end
  • Dashboards giving per-second, real-time SLA performance and traffic visibility and network health at a glance
  • Automates SLA creation & assurance
  • Exhaustive customer portal options and views
  • Integrates with existing B/OSS systems

Our MEAS solution includes a host of features which are customizable as per your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more.