Cloud Management Solution

Manage & automate your cloud operations like an expert!






Cloud adoption is a vital move by organisations towards digital transformations through which they can achieve great efficiency at lower price.

We at Intuitor provide strategic consulting to companies that are migrating to cloud, helps with the transition and continues to support the cloud infrastructure monitoring and management with specialized solutions.

Our DevSecOps, Serverless, microservices, containerization and Day to Day automated management capabilities enables clients to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption while ensuring operational excellence, business value creation, cost predictability, security, and compliance, operations, optimize cloud operations and automated cloud monitoring and support.

DAY2 is a SaaS platform designed to simplify how you manage and operate your cloud infrastructure. Managing cloud operations and deployment becomes instantly streamlined with no third-party software to be installed or managed. DAY2 also comes with pre-built secure and compliant blueprints which you can pick and use for your specific infrastructure needs.

Top Features of DAY2

  • Server Management & monitoring – Track, monitor and manage server workloads on-premises or in any cloud.
  • Patch Compliance & reporting – Detect vulnerabilities, deploy patches and report on compliance in just few clicks.
  • Operational Excellence – Reduce noise of security, cost and cloud events. Take automatic actions on relevant events.

What can you achieve with DAY2?

  • Manage multiple AWS accounts & across regions
  • Get granular visibility and tracking of all your resources
  • Automate routine IT operations in few clicks
  • Govern security, cost & operational events
  • Easily integrate with existing ITSM tools
  • Close on skills gap with our innovative AI Operators

What sets DAY2 apart?

  • Built on AWS native components
  • Security is our top priority. Unlike other products, DAY2  does not require installation of third-party agent software
  • SaaS based delivery
  • DAY2 is a fully managed platform. There’s nothing to install or maintain. Get started in minutes!
  • AWS cloud, any cloud
  • DAY2 can manage Amazon EC2 instances, and servers running on-premises or in any cloud