Position: Senior TCP/IP Stack Developer

Ref. Code: IIS/AC-C/ST-IP/TCIP1214


Job Summary:

An ideal candidate will have following traits:

  • You are a hands-on engineer with significant experience working at the system software level.
  • You possess the ability to see the big picture, question the norm, and articulate the problem.
  • You can translate relatively abstract ideas into concrete workable solutions.
  • You love experimenting with ground breaking technologies that may be relatively immature at the time of their use.
  • You are good in identifying the technology trade-offs and can synthesize pragmatic solutions to the problems at hand by judiciously using published and open-source technologies.
  • You are a strong programmer and are not afraid to dive in large code bases.
  • Ability to quickly learn technologies / solution that exist in the market and translate them into solutions that meet the requirements specifications laid out.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  •  7+ years in low level network “C” development.
  •  Solid C/C++ skills
  •  Expert in L2-L4 network Linux stack
  •  Expert in Linux netfilter kernel development
  •  Having worked in development environments for network equipment manufacturers (Cisco, Juniper, Nokia) would be a definite plus.
  •  Expert in highly scalable, async network architectures that can scale to tens of thousands of sockets. Expertise in libevent or libev  async event libraries.
  •  Expert in TCP semantics. Must have ability to create a reliable transport out of UDP (TCP semantics over UDP).
  •  Deep understanding of queuing (i.e.: Weighted Fair Queuing) in networks.
  •  Understanding of bandwidth control, congestion algorithms and congestion avoidance.
  •  Understanding of Performance Enhancing Proxies and what problems they solve. Skilled at writing robust, efficient, and maintainable C/C++ code
  •  Proven ability to design and maintain large systems
  •  Passion for playing and developing exceptional network software
  •  Previous experience writing telecommunication network code using TCP/IP and UDP stacks
  •  Experience handling bandwidth, latency and synchronization issues
  •  Understanding of networking architecture and client-server models
  •  Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with peers and supervisors
  •  Ability to work collaboratively in a group-oriented development structure
  •  Ability to follow the technical direction of the Lead Programmer, and help assist other programmers as needed
  •  Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience required

Other Requirements:

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills are a must
  • Ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations
  • Strong technology background is required
  • Aptitude to acquire new technology and concepts quickly

Job Location: Bangalore

Email : careers@intuitorit.com