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When you need an end-to-end solution.

Businesses today have complex IT infrastructure requirements. Staying connected via voice or video, or ensuring that network bandwidth requirements are sufficient and accessible at all times from anywhere and evaluating performance and capacity of existing systems requires in-depth study and understanding of the network.

At Intuitor, we offer end-to-end integration and optimization of an organization’s complete IT network systems, delivering differentiated value to our customers. Our service offering spans the entire spectrum from conceptualizing to planning, testing to implementation of enterprise IT network solutions without compromising on our core values of reliability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and trust. Our engineers undertake end-to-end audits of an enterprise’s IT networks, assessing the performance and capability, security and connectivity before arriving at feasible and integrated solutions that work seamlessly and keep you connected.

IT Infrastructure Areas We Work On


What We Do


Optimization of IT Network systems include:

  • Network audits to establish a baseline of IT infrastructure currently in service across the customer network
  • Benchmark plans against international best practices and trends and advice on the network evolution from TDM to IP/Ethernet packet transport
  • Review network traffic growth forecasts and identify potential for traffic reduction to make better use of existing capacity, across existing network assets
  • Design and plan for introducing Quality of Service (QoS) for IP/Ethernet packet transport networks
  • Develop network reliability and capacity upgrade options
  • Identify cost-effective network improvement areas


Network Solutions encompass:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Network Audits and Re-engineering
  • Network Health and Performance Assessment
  • Network Roadmap Formulation
  • Network Integration and Optimization
  • Network Policy Formulation
  • Network Emulation