Position: Network Software Programmer

Ref. Code: IIS/AC-C/SR-SD/NSP1316


Job Summary:

  • You are a hands-on engineer with significant experience working at the system software level.
  • You possess the ability to see the big picture, question the norm, and articulate the problem.
  • You can translate relatively abstract ideas into concrete workable solutions.
  • You love experimenting with ground breaking technologies that may be relatively immature at the time of their use.
  • You are good in identifying the technology trade-offs and can synthesize pragmatic solutions to the problems at hand by judiciously using published and open-source technologies.
  • You are a strong programmer and are not afraid to dive in large code bases.
  • Ability to quickly learn technologies / solution that exist in the market and translate them into solutions that meet the requirements specifications laid out.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • Competetant in Python, Django, REACT,Angular 2, Redux, Flux,HTML5,AJAX
  • Data Structures – String, Lists, Dicts, tuples and various operations on them.
  • Good grasp of concept of objects, object oriented programming, functions and interactions between functions
  • Ability to explore, learn and apply unfamiliar Python Modules to solve real world problems
  • Multi-threading/processes ,Control Flow, Exception Handling,Regular Expressions,File and JSON I/O.
  • Good grasp of concept of HTTP API and how to leverage existing API’s to solve problems
  • Paramiko SSH library and experience in parsing o/p from SSH sessions and other data acquisition using REST, XML, SOAP, SNMP etc.
  • Web Scrapping using various libraries
  • Fundamental knowledge of SQL Databases, eg PostgreSql
  • Fundamental knowledge of Schema-less DB, eg Elastic Search, InfluxDb
  • Knowledge of jQuery
  • Good knowledge and experience in Django Templating language
  • Knowledge of Jinja2 templating language.
  • Knowhow of consuming a JSON obtained via API inside a Django template using jQuery.
  • Machine learning awareness
  • Experience in Open Source development Real time processing of network events
  • Prior experience with working on network devices and acquiring data would be a definitive plus

Other Requirements:

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills are a must.
  • Ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations.
  • Strong technology background is required.
  • Aptitude to acquire new technology and concepts quickly.
  • Show passion to work on new technologies and pickup and run with unknown or unfamiliar technologies
  • Should demonstrate problem solving skills and should be solution oriented
  • Stretch beyond comfort zone and willingness to work beyond boundaries and acquire now skills quickly.

Job Location: Bangalore

Email : careers@intuitorit.com