Consulting Services

Thinking of what’s best for you. Always.

We often find businesses struggling to get the maximum with existing IT infrastructure.

With layers of systems implemented for very specific business needs, over a period of time, businesses realize that they are bloated, unmanageable and expensive to maintain. Overhauling a system in its entirety is not the answer. Nor is a quick fix the answer to a seamless, hassle-free network of IT systems.

Intuitor’s years of practical hands-on experience implementing IT Network and Infrastructure solutions has given it a unique perspective that goes beyond cosmetic fixes. We come in with our minds and hearts open.

Listen . Understand . Think . Present.


At Intuitor we have perfected the art of listening to your IT infrastructure issues by putting ourselves in your shoes. Attentive listening gives us insight into what is, what could be and what should be, encompassing your IT infrastructure and managed services needs.


Businesses need competent and experienced partners who go beyond listening and understanding. They need the expertise with proven technical skills who have the ability to plan, strategise and think of IT infrastructure solutions that can help transform business operations.


At Intuitor, we work out answers to questions that are practical solutions.

  • Are the current systems adequate?
  • Do they actually need an overhaul?
  • How can they be made cost-efficient?
  • Which solutions can be integrated with legacy systems without affecting business continuity?


Consulting at Intuitor is all about working with you to give you solutions that are aligned with your business, besides being new-age, cost-effective, mobile, flexible and integrated. Intuitor is cognizant of the fact that IT infrastructure and telecom solutions should be trouble-free and innovative and work towards giving you just what you require.